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The purpose of your dentist visit is to take steps to prevent dental

diseases such as caries (cavities) and periodontal disease, both of which are among the most common diseases in America. The preventative dentistry measures we take are tailored to each individual's needs.

Verify your medical history to see if there are any implications

Your mouth is the gateway to your body and many common medical dieseases have signs and symptoms in the oral cavity.

Oral Cancer Screening

We evaluate all the hard and soft tissue in the head and neck for any signs of cancer, anything suspicious we find we direct you to the proper medical provider for further assessment.

Gum Health Assessment

We determine the depth of your gums around the teeth to see if there are any signs of gingivitis or bone loss and use x-rays to verify these findings.

Caries Assessment

We use x-rays and intraoral pictures to detect and show patients any cavities that are present.

Flouride Application

We use flouride in order to fortify teeth and even remineralize some

areas of the teeth.

Check for TMJ Abnormalities

Chronic jaw pain can affect your lifestyle and we can direct you

the right specialist as well as provide some at home treatments

you can do to get relief.


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